WSFS Small Press Award Nomination 2012

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We interrupt my Worldcon-induced absence from this blog with the news that I apparently have been nominated for the WSFA Small Press Award, for my story “Yesterday’s Taste” which appeared in Transtories, edited by the late Colin Harvey, and published by Aeon Press, back in October 2011. You can download a free PDF of this story from my Freebies page.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I am merrily chuffed. A fine bit of news to receive in the midst of a Worldcon.

The winner will be announced at Capclave, which runs October 12-14, 2012.

Other nominees include:

“A Militant Peace” by David Klecha and Tobias S. Buckell.
“Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden” by Joanne Anderton.
“Lessons from a Clockwork Queen” by Megan Arkenberg.
“Sauerkraut Station” by Ferrett Steinmetz.
“The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees” by Lily Yu.
“The Patrician” by Tansy Rayner Roberts.
“What Ho, Automaton!” by Chris Dolley.

I’m flattered to see my work in such company, and I hope all of these authors will be coming to Capclave. I know I’ll be there.

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