Updated Lunacon Weekend – GoH edition

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The first day of Lunacon was a whirlwind and much fun. As usual, the convention is full of wonderful people, the hotel is excellent, and I’m enjoying myself mightily.

My schedule has been amended in several places (these are the items in green), and if for some reason you’re reading this on Saturday morning you might find an update helpful. So let’s get to it:

10am (Elijah Budd) GoH Reading – They’ve given me the opening reading slot this morning, and on the assumption that there may be some people showing up who aren’t at all familiar with my work, I’m going to be reading the very first Conroy story, “Buffalo Dogs.” If time allows, I might read a teaser bit from a current work in progress as well.

11am (Maple) How NOT to get published – Tips on submissions, contacting agents, and all the other myriad challenges that face an aspiring author. What works, what doesn’t, and what will work against you completely.
Neil Levin, Neil Clarke, Esther Friesner, Ginjer Buchanan

1pm (West Chester B) Airing of Grievances: Author and Artist – Artist GoH Rachael Mayo (who has been responsible for all my cover art) and I will be interviewing one another in front of an audience, and likely grumbling about the problems of authors giving art direction and artists being insufficiently telepathic.
Rachael Mayo

2pm (Symour Boton) Eric in the Elevator Season 10.5 Filming Session – Another GoH on GoH interview, this time with me being skewered by Eric. I have no idea what to expect, but then again, neither does he!
Eric in the Elevator

3pm (West Chester B) Buffalito Contingency book launch! – Two hours of shameless self-promotion for the new book. Artist GoH Rachael Mayo will also be on hand to autograph copies of the second Amazing Conroy novel. Plus, free food!

5pm (West Chester A3) Building a mythos in a gaming world – So your character is a cleric, but what does he/she know about rituals, lore, and “holy hardware”? Yeah, this could get very entertaining very quickly.
Jane Sibley, Neil Levin, Paul Calhoun

12pm (Maple) Writing a first chapter that sells – The title really says it all. I’ll be sitting in with three much more successful authors and you can watch us argue with one another as to what needs to go in (and stay out) of that opening chapter.
Gail Martin, Joshua Palmatier, Michael Ventrella

3pm (Grand Ballroom North) Closing Ceremonies – This is the part of the convention where I think I’m supposed to variously apologize for whatever I did / blame Rachael and Eric for whatever they made me do / deny deny deny / show up and try not to look too clueless after the long weekend of lunacy. No, seriously.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fuel up with a hearty breakfast. See you around the convention!


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