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Sharp eyed readers of my LiveJournal may have noticed a notice at the top of recent posts telling them that it was originally published at my website and to leave comments there.

The reason is simple enough: webmaestro Nathan Lilly is giving my site an overhaul and moving it to WordPress. We’re still not done, but we are to the point where I can make posts there and have them cross-posted to LiveJournal and so that’s what I’ve been doing. Only… so far none of them have garnered any comments. And, being the insecure and paranoid person that I am, I’m wondering if that’s because no one has felt a need to comment, or because the commenting thingie isn’t working right.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, please humor me (and feed my ego) and help me test this situation by posting a comment. Thanks.

2 comments “Tinkering w/ the Website”


I’d prefer to see the link from livejournal open in a new window (or even tab!) instead of just taking me here. That way I can get back to my friends list just by going back to the original tab.

I’ll wager I need to hit the back button at least twice this way.

(BTW, this is so minor I wouldn’t normally even mention it, but it’s early here and I thought putting in something would be more feedback then just putting in “Comment” 🙂

Take Care o’ dem Buffalitos!

Thanks, Tom. That’s a good point. I’ll be sure to share it with Nathan.

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