The Ãœber-Boober: A Final Report

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It’s been a week since I’ve commented on the state of Valerie’s health. The main reason being that we’ve been waiting for the lab report to come back and tell us exactly what it was that the surgeons took out of her chest. That report came in yesterday.

We are very pleased (and relieved!) to report that it was indeed a thymoma, and that it was fully encapsulated. This means that we’re done. There’s no other cancer to worry about. No further surgery to do. No chemo or radiation treatment or anything else.

All that’s left to do is manage the ongoing pain (which as it turns out, even after ten days is still considerable) and heal.

My thanks once again to all of you who emailed or posted your concerns and well wishes, who kept us in your thoughts, lit candles, rang bells, invoked nameless deities, sacrificed small woodland creatures, and all the rest. You’re the best, and we truly appreciate all the positive energy you put out into the universe on our behalf.


3 comments “The Ãœber-Boober: A Final Report”

I am very glad to know Valerie is on the mend. We didn’t know she had surgery, if you’d posted it on FB I missed it. We’ve been rather distracted by Peggy Rae’s shoulder surgery this week. She is recovering, but will be in a sling for 5-6 weeks and then on to physical therapy.

We’d kept the news off of Facebook (a bit more exposure than I cared for), but blogged here on my website, on G+, and on LiveJournal.

Best wishes to Peggy Rae with her own surgical recovery (she and Valerie can compare scars and stories of pain meds, I’m sure). And good luck to you too; it’s no day at the beach being the caretaker either, as I know all too well.

Phew! Glad that she’s dodged those ordeals. Hope the pain goes away. Best to both of you.


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