The surgeon came by…

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Valerie is out of surgery and now in Recovery. Her surgeon came by and spoke with me at length. The surgery went well. The mass appears to have been completely self-contained, not impinging on heart, lungs, or anything else, and was easily removed from her body. Everything went quite smoothly, and a full recovery is expected.

Early opinions from experts in the lab (where they’d already taken a slice of the über-boober, frozen it, and taken a closer look) confirm that it was indeed a thymoma. A full and detailed report will take about a week.

At this point, the big issue is whether or not we’ll be able to get a private room (otherwise I apparently cannot stay overnight according to hospital policy), but that won’t be known until such time as Valerie is ready to be moved out of Recovery.

I am very relieved to be able to set aside all of my anxieties and the insane scenarios that my brain has been serving up for the past month.

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and anecdotes of your own hospital experiences. Likely I’ll have further updates as the day continues.


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