Small Joys & SFWA

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As you know, Bob, for the last few years I’ve had the responsibility of being the SFWA Election Officer (or chair of the SFWA Election Committee, if you prefer that phrase). Mostly this involves preparing the forms which eventually get photocopied and shipped out (not by me) to the membership, and organizing the counting of the election ballots on the appointed day.

A lesser known perk (at least to me) is that all of the ballots get mailed to my home. At this time of year, every day brings a stack of new mail from SFWA members. It gives me a small bit of joy to flip through these envelopes (they remain unopened until the day of counting) and see the names on the return stickers or handwritten addresses in the upper left corners. Many many authors, big names and little, people I’ve read and people I haven’t, are all sending me mail.

What can I say, I find happiness in some odd things.


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