Saved for Posterity: The Singer, The Captain, The Blue Fairy, and me

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Back in January, I had the privilege to be a GoH at Illogicon in Raleigh, NC, and as I posted back then, William Shatner was in town performing his one-man show, Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It.

What I didn’t mention at the time was that I had been attempting to get singer Kat Robichaud to show up at the convention. She had been my favorite on The Voice that season (before being wrongly eliminated!). I knew from following her on Twitter that she was fans of both Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, so I invited her to come to the convention as it was happening in her home town of Raleigh. Alas, she had a competing gig.

I flew home from the convention on the 13th of January, and that’s when this Twitter thread started…

That was pretty much it. I’ve edited out some of the side comments here and there.

In hindsight, I see now that I missed my chance to ask about getting some new footwear for myself (though shoes aren’t really my thing, but I bet Valerie would have loved a pair).

As far as I know, Kat has yet to appear on stage wearing glass slippers, and neither she nor Bill have recorded “Soft Targ.” And there you have it.

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Lawrence, this is just awesome.  8D

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