Philcon 2010 – Day 1

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I’m back home from Friday at Philcon. Very laid back and low key, and all the more enjoyable for it.

I started out having a snack in the restaurant, getting a bit of writing in while visiting with a Michael Oetting who is trying his hand at NaNoWriMo. Victoria Jansen came by just as I was explaining the concept of Meet Cute to Michael, and she provided some more examples and joined in the conversation. Tom Purdom then stopped by, and soon both of them were ordering food, and we yammered back and forth in a most agreeable fashion for quite some time.

Wandering around I met up with Klingon grammarian Mark Shoulson, who had come to the con with his wife and two children, all three of them first time attendees. And then later, enjoyed some conversation with another Klingon speaker, Dr. Mark Mandel.

I wound my way up to the con suite, which I don’t normally do, but this time it worked out well. I had several enjoyable discussions with lots of fans, and was soon joined by Hugo-winner Neil Clarke, new small press publisher Ian Randal Strock, and others who escape my memory because it’s well past my bedtime.

From the consuite I found my way back down to the main concourse and the “Meet the Pros” event already in progress. Chatted for a bit with Oz Drummond and Greg Frost, and later with Eslpeth (whose last name I can’t recall) and Ben Yalow. Ben is providing tremendous help with my plan to move the annual KLI conference from July to early August next year, so it will flow right into the WorldCon. More details on that later.

If you’re getting the impression that all I did today was flow from one conversation to the next, you’re pretty much right on the mark. Plenty of other people whom I haven’t mentioned but enjoyed talking with. Tomorrow will be more of the same, plus a reading and a panel (which I’d previously mis-reported as starting at 7pm, but which is actually at 8pm).]

Good night!

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