It’s Hugo Day!

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Day Four of the Worldcon has dawned, which means that a few hours from now a number of shiny rocketships (and one plaque) will be handed out to some very lucky and talented authors.

Valerie and I will be there to witness all the festivities, and Barry will be along too (sporting a black silk bow tie for the occasion).

Before any of that can happen though, I have the following scheduled activities:

10:00 – Writing Workshop, Section Q.
1:00 – SFWA Meeting (A-02).
5:00 – Reading from the new Conroy story (A-15).
6:15 – Dinner with an old friend and colleague.

In and amidst all of that, I’m hoping to slip in and attend one or more of the following readings by other authors:

2:00 – Lev Grossman (A-14).
3:00 – Nancy Kress (A-15).
3:30 – David Brin (A-14).
4:00 – Steven Gould (A-14).

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to begin my morning ablutions and come fully awake.

Meanwhile, here’s Barry explaining to Gail Carriger that he likes his tea with lemon and sugar:

Barry and Gail Carriger

See you at the Hugo Awards!

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