Investing in Travel Vests

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Twitter is dangerous. I read a tweet from another writer yesterday which led me to an article about travel which led me to a site about travel items which led me to a site of travel apparel which led me to this site, and now I’m thinking I cannot live without one of their travel vests.

Any thoughts?

7 comments “Investing in Travel Vests”

I followed this guy on his 6-week, 30,000-mile trip around the world WITH NO BAGGAGE AT ALL. (He had no baggage, I mean; I have lots, as most of my friends & family know, heh.) I *think* he wore one of those vests. I *think* all his clothes – one set, from the skin out – was from that company, but I’m not sure.

I’d love a vest like that but I can’t justify the cost to my own budget. Let us know what you decide, and if you get it, how you like it!

(I hope my html works; I couldn’t get it to paste into my blogger Post window to test the link.)


I love the link! I can’t read all the bits now, but it looks quite impressive. Thank you.

In the summer, I wear a fishing vest with lots of pockets to carry stuff. You might find that a better deal, depending on how often you think you’d be wearing the vest.

I’ve never liked the look of any fishing vests I’ve seen (please, no offense). But yes, this vest does seem a tad pricey. Then again, if it’s comfortable, I can see this being a piece of daily wear. Much to think about, which is partly why I put this out on the blog.

I wear a shirt that look like this (http://www.eddiebauer.com/catalog/product.jsp?ensembleId=35966&prodsearch=6&cm_cg=T95&cm_ven=Mercent&cm_pla=MENS%20Shirt&cm_ite=920906%20-%20Eddie%20Bauer%20Fly%20Fishing%20Shirt%20%28Regular%20L%20Spice%29&cm_cat=Google%20Product&mr:trackingCode=77B52141-1CE9-DE11-974B-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA) when I travel – except I paid $29 for it.
I think I would go for a photographer’s vest if I was replacing it – – but the thing that fascinates me most about the vest you posted is the “Weight Management System”. Does this mean I can just dial in my desired weight each day?

What I like about the Scottevest line is that you don’t see all the pockets.

Alas, Stu, I don’t think the weight management system works that way. More’s the pity.

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