Friday musings

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Three things make a post:

1) I’ve just sent in a blurb for the next Worldcon progress report. It contains some details about the plan to move the Klingon Language Institute’s annual conference to the days leading up to Renovation. Our final day is the Tuesday before the Worldcon begins, and we’ll be in a room at the convention center and welcoming early arriving Renovation members to come by and get some introductory instruction in the warriors’ tongue (there will be a $10 registration fee for the day). More info will be coming soon to the Worldcon website.

2) Last year, I picked up a copy of a book with fifty things to do once you’ve hit fifty (which I had). One of the last items in the book is the suggestion to read the Torah. Huh. Curious idea, and probably long overdue. So I’ve ordered a copy (in English), and we’ll see how that goes.

3) I haven’t seen much in the way of comments lately , and I’m wondering if perhaps I’ve somehow accidentally turned them off. If you’re reading this, pop over to the website and leave a comment yourself, so I know everything is working.

2 comments “Friday musings”

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Hello? Is this thing on?

Apparently so. Thanks, Eric.

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