Friday is Shore Leave!

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Just a quick reminder to any of you who happen to be planning to be in the greater Baltimore area:

Shore Leave is this weekend, and while I am listed among the many “author guests” I’m only going to be there tomorrow (Friday), and only from the afternoon on.

My plan is to drive down after I get off work from the DayJob, which even with some traffic ought to have me on site by about 5pm. I’ll get my badge, wander the perimeter, and eventually land in the bar until a bit before 7pm.

At 7pm you can find me in the audience of the Bob Greenberger roast (it should be much fun!).

Then from 9pm until 11pm, I’ll be signing and selling books at one of the table on the Grand Concourse as part of the conventions annual “Meet the Pros” sessions. Come on down and get a copy of Buffalito Contingency (and I’ll sign it!) or maybe a copy of the Tao Te Ching lovingly translated into Klingon.

Ater the signing (and after I’ve dropped all the gear back in my car) I plan to hang in the bar with the other authors, lying and making rude gestures, until such time as we close the place down (likely about 2am). Then I will splash some water on my face, hop into my car, and drive home. With luck, I’ll be in bed around 4am.


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