Final 2011 Worldcon Schedule

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Only a couple additions to the schedule I posted last month, but here’s the complete list, with descriptions and participants:

Tuesday, August 16th:
12:00 – 23:00 Klingon Language for Newbies
Grammarians and other long-standing members of the Klingon Language Institute will be on hand to introduce interested newbies to the joys of the warrior tongue.

Wednesday, August 17th
12:00 – 13:00 Working the SFWA Table
As the Dealers’ Room opens, come on by the SFWA table and see what this author organization can do for you! Or just drop by and say “hi” (that’s good too).

16:00 – 17:00 Autographing
David G. Hartwell, Lawrence M. Schoen, Pat Rothfuss, Ellen Asher

Thursday, August 18th
09:00 – 10:00 Strolling with the Stars
A gentle, friendly 1 mile stroll with Stu Segal (M), Bill Willingham, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Lawrence M. Schoen, Cory Doctorow, Lauren Beukes, Ellen Datlow

13:00 – 15:00 Writers’ Workshop – Short Stories
A short story workshop with Rachel Swirsky, Lawrence M. Schoen, and three lucky workshoppers!

17:00 – 18:00 An Introduction to Linguistics
Since Tolkien, many writers (and moviemakers) have been paying more attention to the development of created languages. This panel will introduce you to the study of languages on Earth.
Stanley Schmidt (M), Peadar Ó Guilín, Michael Capobianco, Lawrence M. Schoen, David J. Peterson

Friday, August 19th
09:00 – 10:30 Codex Breakfast
Members of the world famous, Codex online community gather for breakfast and secret cabal work (or maybe just breakfast)

12:00 – 13:00 Iron Chef: Flash Fiction
How quickly and well can a writer craft 100 words of flash fiction in “Office Stadium?” The moderator will reveal the theme, keep the audience entertained while the writers write for five minutes, and will serve as the final arbiter of taste (with maybe a little help from the audience). There will probably be time for multiple rounds. Whose fiction will reign supreme?
Lawrence M. Schoen (M), Eric James Stone, Vylar Kaftan, Dale Ivan Smith

14:00 – 15:00 Autographing at the SFWA Table
In case you missed me on Wednesday, or have gone off and bought more of my stuff, I’ll be sitting at the SFWA Table in the Dealers’ Room, available for signing and random conversation.

16:00 – 17:00 Neologism and Linguicide: How the Dominant Language Mutates and Assimilates Other Languages
We’ve all heard of species becoming endangered, but the famous anthropologist Wade Davis warns of a similar problem happening to the languages which endangers the richness of the world’s cultures. How we preserve or destroy these languages and how we cultivate linguistic habits, will determine what we are able to think in the world of the near future.
Lawrence M. Schoen (M), Juliette Wade, Sheila Finch, David J. Peterson

Saturday, August 20th
10:00 – 12:00 Writers’ Workshop – Novels!
A novel excerpt workshop with John Pitts, Lawrence M. Schoen, and three more lucky workshoppers!

13:00 – 14:00 SFWA Meeting
Raw excitement as only a room full of authors can imagine it!

17:00 – 17:30 Reading
Get yourself in a Hugo-mood and come listen to me read from “Yesterday’s Taste,” a new Amazing Conroy story coming out this fall in Transtories from Aeon Press.

20:00 – 22:00 Hugo Awards
I’ll be in the audience. Barry will be on my shoulder wearing his new silk bowtie!

Sunday, August 21st
09:00 – 10:00 Strolling with the Stars
Another leisurely mile with Stu Segal, Kate Baker, Mary Robinette Kowal, Connie Willis, Sheila Williams, Lawrence M. Schoen, Tanglwyst de Holloway, Stephen H. Segal

12:00 – 13:00 Kaffeeklatsch
No coffee for me (I’ll be drinking Diet Coke). Sign up, come by, and let’s talk about writing, publishing, klingon, psychology, or anything else you like. Or we can just quietly listen to what’s going on at the surrounding klatsches.
Bill Willingham, Ginjer Buchanan, Lawrence M. Schoen, Jo Walton

14:00 – 15:00 Fifty Years of Stranger in a Strange Land
Stranger was an iconic novel of the ’60s and won the Hugo for Best Novel. While it was a bit ahead of its time in 1961, it seems oddly dated to many today. A discussion of one of Heinlein’s first controversial novels, but not his last.
Toni Weisskopf (M), Bill Patterson, Lawrence M. Schoen, Bradford Lyau, Lynn Gold

15:01 – next several days Recovery Time at a Lake Tahoe resort!
After an exhausting convention experience, minions will whisk me away to a secret location where I will be revived with fancy food and long hours soaking in hot tubs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In addition to all of that, look for me at various bid parties each evening or hanging out in the bar between bits of programming. I’ll be the guy with the plush buffalito on his shoulder.


6 comments “Final 2011 Worldcon Schedule”

In the program your signing event is listed at 4pm instead of at 3 – I’d hate to miss you! Besides, I hope to get your autograph on your stories in my Visual Journeys and Desolate Places. One day I hope to get all the stories in those books signed.

Whoops, you’re right, Willis. Thanks for spotting this (and now I’ve fixed it!).

I bungled the military time conversion. The autographing on Wednesday is indeed at 4pm (or 1600).

Bring many many books, I don’t think we’ll be rushed. 🙂


It’s neat seeing you overseeing a workshop segment – I have a story in section “T”, with Matt Rotundo and Robert Lovett. It will be interesting and offer a great chance to experience a live session to complement the online workshops I’ve taken with Jim Gunn.

On Wednesday I’ll have a pack so full of books people will think I’m moving in! I plan to hit all the sessions, both at the convention and the special sessions across the street at the library.

Those two HRB anthos hold special interest for me, for having my first two published stories in them. This is why I hope to eventually get all the tales autographed in them – and it will be a real treat being able to actually speak verbally to the authors I follow and post to like this.

The person organizing the workshops is a dear friend, which is why I foolishly agreed to lend my assistance to not merely one but two sessions. What was I thinking? Oy! No, but seriously, this is all part of “paying it forward” so I’m happy to do my share.

I’ll have to review the library sessions list. I know a few people that are one it, but I didn’t realize the library was so close (across the street? really?).

No, I completely understand about the desire to have anthologies that have your stories signed by your co-contributors. And I will happily contribute my own autograph to them. But I’m also hoping you show up with copies of my other books; someone has to! 😉

I’m all packed up. My flight leaves Philadelphia in about eight hours, and in theory I touch down in Reno at 11pm. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be hanging out at the Hyatt out by the airport, as a dozen or so Klingon speakers trickle in from as far away as Australia! majQa’!

See you on Wednesday (if not before).

What – aren’t you selling copies of your titles! Whoa!

Honestly, I couldn’t (yet) keep up with Eric’s releases and still have many to get. I ran dry at about Barren Worlds – which means I missed most of the more recent HRB releases, including the beginning to your series. (kinda why I hoped you were promoting with copies to sell, as well…I didn’t see Eric listed as a vendor/dealer, so I wonder if he was able to come to this one)

The convention center sides to South Virginia street; directly across that is Reno Town Mall, which has Sierra View Library therein – very close and convenient for library supporters to hop on by!

I’m limited by how much I can cram into my suitcase.

I am bringing six books. Three are from my own library that I want to get signed by authors at the convention. Two are copies of my most recent novel that I am presenting to a couple people at the convention. And the last is a book I published which is a gift to my host tonight.

But do not despair! While Eric is not himself able to be at the convention (and yes, this is a huge disappointment for me too), It’s likely that at least one of the dealers will have a copy or two of my stuff.

Also, I’ll see if I can’t persuade my wife to pack a couple books in with her luggage (she doesn’t fly out until Wednesday), just in case.

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