Early Signs of Worldcon

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It’s still a long way off (though I really need to book my flights, now that I’m thinking about it), but in addition to the latest Progress Report landing in my email box, I’ve seen another sign of the impending Worldcon in San Antonio.

I refer of course to the morning tradition called “Strolling with the Stars.”

Bobbie DuFault is filling in for Stu Segal this year, and she recently sent out a query. I’m not sure if it went out to all the folks who have put in for programming, or merely to those of us who have strolled in the past. In any case, even though panel assignments are probably still a long way off, I have strolling on my mind now.

I generally try to stroll on two separate mornings (the exception being the Montreal Worldcon where a back injury prevented me from even managing much cane-assisted walking), and pending conflicts from counter-programming on panels, the SFWA business meeting, and/or the annual Codex breakfast that I organize, it is my expectation that I will do so this year as well. And of course, Barry will be strolling too (albeit from the lofty perch of my left shoulder).

I hope you’ll plan on joining us!

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2 comments “Early Signs of Worldcon”

Now that I have two working knees, I’m tempted to join in on this. Although not if it conflicts with the Business Meeting.

Although you should have stopped by Accessibility Services at the Montreal Worldcon. We had a spare scooter we could have rented to you.

Eva, that’s very kind of you to suggest, but because of the back pain I spent most of the convention too heavily medicated to be able to safely drive a scooter. “How heavily?” I can hear you asking. Let’s put it this way, one of the highlights of the convention for me was the wonderful conversation I had with Roger Zelazny as we sat together on a bench outside one of the meeting rooms moments before I had to go inside to be on a panel. I kid you not, Roger Zelazny. Best medically-induced hallucination I have ever had.

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