Doctoral Day 2011

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Today, I’ll be hanging out and mostly just enjoying myself as part of the 24th annual celebration of the successful defense of my dissertation. I like to think of April 2nd as my own personal holiday, and when possible take the day off from work and spend it as self-indulgently as my nature allows.

In preparation for this I’ve knocked out most of the things had been looming over me. I spoke to the evil, former accountants and confirmed that they (at last!) have sent out the paper work needed by the delightful, current accountant. I finished, proofed, and submitted a shiny new Amazing Conroy story. I drafted the content for a website about this summer’s qep’a’ wa’maH chorghDIch. I sent payments off for all the outstanding bills. And last night I even cleaned up my office and sorted through the mountain of crap on my work table.

All of which means I’m free to enjoy Doctoral Day with a clear conscience.

And now I know you’re squirming in your seat, eager to ask the obvious question: Hey, Lawrence, how do I celebrate Doctoral Day? Huh? How??

The answer falls into one of two camps. If you have a PhD (or some other flavor of doctorate) simply dress in some comfy clothes, treat yourself to a fine meal, surround yourself with some good friends, and wax pompous. Really, it’s that simple.

If you haven’t achieved that level of terminal education, you can still observe this special day. Simply find someone with a PhD and do that person a kindness. This could be something as simple as acknowledging by word or deed how fucking awesomely brilliant they are. Trust me, hearing that never gets old. Or get him/her a big cook e. Who doesn’t like cookies. Mmmmmmm.

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