Checking in from the Worldcon

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Day Three is about to start. Mind you, I’ve been here since Friday night (due to the KLI conference that preceded the Worldcon). My feet are very sore by the end of each day, but it’s all been glorious fun and well worth it.

In a bit over an hour I’ll be meeting up with about 40 members of Codex, the online writing community found by Luc Reid. We will have breakfast and tell many lies to one another I’m sure. After that, the rest of the day is a whirlwind of activity:

10:30 – Attend to Daniel Abraham’s reading (A-14).
12:00 – Iron Chef: Flash Fiction (A-03)
1:30 – Attend to Walter Jon Williams’s reading (A-15).
2:00 – Autographing at the SFWA Table (Dealers’ Room)
4:00 – Neologism and Linguicide (D-04)

That will be followed by dinner with an old friend, and then a round of parties that will probably carry me to midnight.

If you’re here at the convention, I hope to see you!

Meanwhile, here’s Barry to remind you that Winter is coming!

Barry says,

Hope to see you at the convention tomorrow!

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