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Buffalito Contingency

Last week, a few hours before I headed off to the glory that was Lunacon, my proof reader came through with the marked copy of my second novel, Buffalito Contingency. Let us all pause a moment and give thanks to the quick eye and keen mind that is Elektra Hammond. Anyway, as a result, I am now hard at work going through her recommended changes so that I can render the thing in ePub and mobi formats for your electronic enjoyment.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve read the book, and scenes that I’d completely forgotten about are leaping out at me and making me smile.

Given that it will surely be several days (if not a week or more) before the ebook version becomes available, here’s a snippet from near the end of Chapter Six: No Home Like Space to whet your appetite:

          “Did you just board, sweetling?” said the Wolly. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. And I know I’ve only seen one of your kind ever. By the way, my name’s Theodarast.”
          “I’ve met many of his kind,” said one of the Ersommerey. “One time, I was stuck in a lift room with five of them. They were very standoffish, but that could have just been because of the situation. No one likes being stranded in a box that could fall and kill you just for stepping out to get a quick tipple or snack.”
          “I was buried alive with nine of them while on a desert excursion,” said the other Ersommerey. “They didn’t care for sand at all. Do you? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Mil and this is my husband Kel. We’re on our way to Sekestri.”
          “No you’re not,” said the Ninst. “This vessel doesn’t go to Sekestri. Where are you going, newcomer?”
         With a nod to the Wolly I said, “My name is Conroy and I boarded earlier today. I’m not sure what my final destination is to be. Mostly I just needed to leave Leftril. I’m working my passage as an entertainer. My first show is this evening. I hope you’ll all attend.”
          “What kind of entertainment?” asked Mil. “The last time we were on a cruise, they had a fellow who was his own father, and set some of the guests on fire, and then ate them.”
          “Never happened,” said the Ninst. “Kel, can’t you make her stop?”
          “Rara is right, dear. That never happened. That fellow was his own grandfather, and he didn’t actually eat the guests, he just promised they’d be on the menu the next day.”
          “I was with you both on your last cruise,” insisted the Ninst. “That never happened.”
          “You were asleep,” said Kel.
          “Fast asleep,” said Mil. “Snored so loud everyone on our corridor thought the ship had been hulled by stray debris.”
          “Don’t mind them,” said Theodarast, patting my arm with a hand that was nearly as large a small pony. “They’re like this every meal. I find it anchors me to listen to them, and prepares me for whatever wonders and miracles may await. But do tell us what sorts of entertainment we can expect from you. And when and where.”

And there you have it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

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