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And so it begins…

As part of the celebration of the release of my novel, Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard, for the last few weeks I’ve been crafting a seemingly endless series of interview and essays for assorted blogs* and other venues throughout the web. Some are insightful, others just silly. Some are serious and others may make you say, “huh?”

In any case, you’ll find the list of them below, because it’s time for

Barsk Blog Tour

Mon – Dec 7 2015
Powell’s Blog – Essay: Particles of Immortality
Tor/Forge Blog – Essay: What You Don’t Know You Know About What You Don’t Know

Mon – Dec 28 2015
Book View Cafe – Interview Q & A
M. Darusha Wehm’s blog – Interview Q & A
Spice of Life – Hypnosis and Writing
Eating Authors – My Most Memorable Meal

Tue – Dec 29 2015 +++ Release Day +++
James W. Alden’s blog – Essay: Secret History of a Novel
Locus Roundtable – Essay: The Book in the Drawer
My Favorite Bit – Mary Robinette Kowal’s Blog about Authors’ Favorite Scenes
Suvudu – Essay: Prophecy and Necromancy: Not Your Grandmother’s Time Travel
The Big Idea – John Scalzi Invites Me over for the Big Idea in Barsk
The Hook – Some Thoughts on the Opening Lines of Barsk
Charlie’s Diary – Essay: Repurposing Memory

Wed – Dec 30 2015
Operation Awesome – Thoughts on Small press vs. Big press
Tales from the Golden City – Interview Q & A
The Qwillery – Interview Q & A

Thu – Dec 31 2015
Bready Or Not – Recipe: Cold Porridge Suitable for Anthropomorphic Elephants
Tell Me – Jennifer Brozek Gets Me to Tell All

Mon – Jan 04 2016
Black Gate – Essay: Advice for Writers
The FlashBlog – Interview Q & A
Write Strong – Never Have / Never Will Q & A
Reddit AMA – I’ll be answering questions on… anything!

Tue – Jan 05 2016
Chaos and Insanity – Interview Q & A
Cooking the Books – Food-Themed Interview Q & A and Podcast with Fran Wilde
Deborah Walker’s Bibliography – Essay: A Day in My Writing Life
Worlds in Ink – Talking about Some of My Favorite Authors

Wed – Jan 06 2016
David Walton’s blog – Answering the Question: Why Anthropomorphic Animals?
Fantasy Book Critic – Essay: Authors Who Inspired

Thu – Jan 07 2016
Drinks With Characters – A Beverage from Barsk

Fri – Jan 08 2016
Novel Gazing Redux – Interview Q & A
Stephanie Lorée’s blog – Some Thoughts on the Research Behind Barsk

Sat – Jan 09 2016
Krypton Radio – 9pm PST/12am EST – A Conversation about Barsk
(repeats Sun Jan 10, 4pm PST / 7pm EST, Tue Jan 12, 4am PST / 7am EST, Thu Jan 14, 4am PST / 7am EST, and Sat Jan 16, 4am PST / 7am EST)

Mon – Jan 11 2016
The Book Plank – Interview Q & A with Jasper de Joode

Tue – Jan 12 2016
Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s Blog – Essay: Writing Anthropomorphic Animals

Wed – Jan 13 2016
MightyThorJRS – Essay: Prophecy vs. History
Facebook Event – J.G. Hertzler (Martok) and I discuss his experience recording the Barsk audiobook.

Thu – Jan 14 2016
Civilian Reader – Interview Q & A
SF Signal – Interview Q & A

Fri – Jan 15 2016
Beauty in Ruins – Interview Q & A
Diet Coke with a Canine – Interview Q & A about Me and My Dog
Writers Read – A Brief Look at What I’ve Been Reading

Mon – Jan 18 2016
Curling up by the Fire – Essay: Another Cherished Scene from Barsk
Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show – Darrell Schweizter Returns to Interview Me

Wed – Jan 20 2016
GeekDad – Interview Q & A

Thu – Jan 21 2016
Bibliosanctum – Interview Q & A

Fri – Jan 22 2016
My Bookish Ways – Interview Q & A
Bull Spec – Essay: The Hardest Part

Sun – Jan 24 2016
Writers Read – Interview Q & A

Mon – Jan 25 2016
Coffee with a Canine: – Interview Q & A


*Note: At the time of this writing, not all of the guest blogs listed above have been posted to their respective venues. In such cases, the links provided are to the blog’s main site. I’ll update these links so they point to my specific appearances as they become available. But, if you happen to get to it before I do, it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks.