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The nominations deadline for the Nebula Awards is February 15th, 2012, at 11:59pm PST.

The nominations deadline for the Hugo Awards is Sunday, March 11, 2012, 11:59 p.m. PDT.

And this is my official statement of what I have that I hope you’ll consider nominating so that I might land on a ballot this year.

I seem to be building up some credibility as a champion of small press, both as a publisher and because almost everything I’ve written lately has come out through small and micro-presses. Such stories have to work harder to get on ballots, but as the Hugo ballot a couple years ago revealed, it can be done. Ready? Here we go then.

SHORT STORY (Nebula and Hugo eligible):
“Yesterday’s Taste.” I wrote this short story at the request of Colin Harvey. He bought it for the anthology TRANSTORIES which was published posthumously two months ago by Aeon Press in Ireland. It’s another in the series of Amazing Conroy stories, so it’s intended to be somewhat light and humorous, but to me it will always be somewhat bittersweet because it’s the last thing Colin and I ever talked about. Coincidentally (no, really), I posted this to the Freebies section of my website just yesterday. Follow that link and you can download or read a PDF of the story.

NOVEL (Nebula and Hugo eligible):
Buffalito Contingency, my second published novel, came out last March. I believe it is the best thing I’ve written to date, but because it came out from a small press (Hadley Rille Books) not very many people have heard of it, let alone read it.But publishing is changing — for the better, I think — and having small press novels making some of the awards ballots seems like a good thing too. Assuming of course that you like it enough to nominate it.

FANCAST (Hugo eligible):
And finally, I only recently realized that DaHjaj Hol, the daily Klingon Language podcast that I did in 2011 (yes, every single #$%^& day) is eligible for the Hugo in the “Best Fancast” category (this link that will take you to the vast selection of podcasts). Mind you, I think you should also be nominating the brilliant podcast “Writing Excuses,” and I hope they win this year, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a shiny rocket ship pin if my podcast makes the short list So, if you think it’s past time that Klingon is properly represented on the Hugo ballot, feel free to nominate DaHjaj Hol. Warriors everywhere will praise your name!

Thank you for your willingness to read my words. May they bring a smile to you.

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2 comments “Awards Eligibility – # buffalito #tlh #klingon”

Thanks for “Yesterday’s Taste”. Loved it! and the podcast, too. (Still hoping to read those novels…nag nag nag).

A note to all other loyal fans: there’s plenty of time to get your Hugo nominations in, *but* only if you’re eligible. That window of opportunity closes in just a few days: https://chicon.org/pressrelease-10.php

I’m pleased you enjoyed “Yesterday’s Taste.” I think you’re really going to love “Barry’s Tale” (certainly Barry is quite taken with it) when it comes out as part of the new book this summer.

Good point too about the Hugo nomination requirement deadline. For those who are reading the comments (but not following the press release link you provided) nomination is limited to:
1) anyone who was a member of Renovation (the 2011 Worldcon), or
2) anyone who has a Chicon (this year’s Worldcon) Supporting, Attending, or Young Adult membership by January 31, 2012 (i.e., this coming Tuesday), or
3) anyone who has a LoneStarCon 3 (the 2013 Worldcon) Supporting, Attending, or Young Adult membership by January 31, 2012.

If you get your membership to Chicon after the last day of January, you’ll still be able to vote. This deadline only affects nominating works and people to the ballot. And we’d like to see me on the ballot, wouldn’t we? Yes, yes, we would.

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