The Door to the Basement

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My wife and I are both collectors, which is a polite way of saying we have a lot of crap.

Fortunately, our house has an enormous basement, which we’ve found is the ideal place to put the crap. And, because we rarely go down there, it’s easy to forget about all that stuff for months at a time.

Normally, Gej faithfully follows me around the house. That’s as it should be, it’s what dogs do. He’s happy and eager to accompany me to the kitchen, to my office, to the bathroom, to the library, anywhere at all, except to the basement. On those rare occasions when I need to retrieve something from that dark abyss, Gej will not follow. I can leave the door open, I can call his name, I can cajole him with tasty doggie treats, but he won’t come downstairs.


Instead, he’ll lay down on the floor in front of the door, blocking the exit, and wait.

Good boy.

Gej -- Guardian of the Basement Door


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