Gej – Stand and Deliver!

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In my home we have a banquet that runs along the half-wall separating the living room from the kitchen. It sits behind the kitchen table, which has chairs on its other side. Gej likes to slumber on the banquet, hidden from view at nearly every angle by either the wall or the table.

I typically come into the house through a side door that leads into the kitchen from a mud room. Gej can hear me when I come in, but he will continue to lay upon the banquet until we become visible to one another. Then he will leap up and rush to the edge and assume this position so that he can receive his welcome-home ear-scritchings.

I’m not allowed to continue deeper into the house without performing this sacred obligation.

Rituals are important to dogs. Also to their people.

Happy Thursday!

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Soooo cute! You’re right, pet and people rituals are vital to survival. For both of us — Be well Lawrence.

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