A Rare Moment of Quiet

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I’ve always been the sort of person who does fine on just six hours of sleep. Valerie likes more. As a result, it is a rare thing indeed for her to awaken in the morning and for me to still be deep in slumber. Rarer still is for Gej, who is almost exclusively a sleeps-at-the-foot-of-the-bed kind of dog, to hunker down on my pillow.

And yet… here’s photographic proof, as taken from the camera app on my wife’s cell phone.

I know, I’m as stunned as you are.

Happy Thursday!

A Rare Moment of Quiet


2 comments “A Rare Moment of Quiet”

Now that’s just adorable! Thanks for sharing it. (Please thank Valerie for me, too.)

Also, I don’t mind toodling off to random other places to leave comments instead of leaving them on LiveJournal, but if those non-LiveJournal comment mechanisms don’t have a way of letting me know when someone replies to my comment, they’re really only halfway comment mechanisms…

That’s very odd. The plugin should be allowing comments there on LJ.

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