Barry’s Tale: A Novella



When I attend science fiction conventions, there’s usually a plush bison riding on my shoulder. His name is Barry and he is so adorable that people always stop and ask for a photo with him. This was the plan all along; it allows me to talk about buffalo dogs and Reggie, and the latest Amazing Conroy book.

Barry works hard, and when I put together my fourth book for Hadley Rille, the collection Buffalito Buffet, I knew it was time to pay him back and feature him in a story. The result was the novella, “Barry’s Tale” which you can download from this page by clicking on one of the images below. I hope you like it. And, if you ever see me at a convention, be sure to get a photo with Barry. He really likes that.





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This novella is released under a Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license.
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