Trial of the Century: A Novella

If you’ve reached this page by following the URL or QR code from a promotional postcard, my apologies, but you’re too late. The window for downloading a free copy of this novella has passed (in fairness, it was open for about two years).

But have no fear, the novella will soon be available from all of the usual ebook retailers.

Thank you for your support.

12 comments “Trial of the Century: A Novella”

I was cleaning up and ran across the postcard. Thanks for making this available. I’ll see you at Ravencon.

I am very much looking forward to Ravencon, as is Barry.

And the Capclave dodos congratulate Barry on ending the human domination of the GoH list!

Although I’m very fond of this novella (and think it’s the best of the three in the series) because of the ideas it introduces, it doesn’t stand on its own as well as the others or even the short stories. If you haven’t read the first story or the first novel, then you don’t get the full impact of what’s going on. Backstory is always a tricky balance in a series; what is too much for one reader is insufficient for another. Either way, it’s my fault.

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