Freebies for Geocachers

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely because you picked up one of my personal pathtags while geocaching. I wanted to provide more than just some swag, and as I’m a science fiction author I thought it might be kind of fun to give away some fiction to people. Which is why I printed a abbreviated URL to this page on the pathtag to lure you here for some fictional freebies!


This is my first pathtag, the kind of phrase that I imagine Klingon geocachers might use as a motto: reH Samta’ SuvwI’, which renders into English as something like Warriors Always Pefectly Find It.


This is my second pathtag (coming soon), a graffiti style rendering of Reggie, the alien companion animal of my stage hypnotist protagonist, Amazing Conroy. I’ve written many stories and a couple novels about Conroy and Reggie, but it all started with the short story, “Buffalo Dogs.”

(here’s the shortened URL: http://j.mp/LMSgeoc)

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