Pizza in Space

Slice of Entropy

Slice of Entropy


Melody Wilder just needs to complete her dissertation and life will be perfect. Alas, that’s not going to happen.

She hasn’t picked a topic yet, her undergraduate loans have been “un-forgiven” with a vengeance, the university is about to strip her of her stipend, her job, and her apartment, and a pirate-priest minotaur is systematically destroying her hopes and dreams.

Meanwhile, alien bear cub physicists are trying to extradite her best friend on charges of violating the laws of conservation of matter every time he makes a pizza!

And things are just getting started.

With a blend of colorful aliens, explorations of new types of memory, the introduction of social predestination, and the healing power of pizza, Slice of Entropy is a rollicking romp of science fiction fun and adventure that will leave you hungry for more.