Freelance Courier

Ace of Corpses

Ace of Corpses


To appease an alien senate, a newbie courier accepts what should be an easy gig: retrieving a misplaced corpse from a mausoleum world.

But the deceased is a planetary king, he’s not really dead, and he doesn’t want to go home!

Angela “Gel” Colson is not your typical Human teenager. She’s left her adopted father and siblings behind, scrounged enough cash to purchase a derelict spaceship, and started her own courier business taking jobs no one else wants.

All that may be true, but it’s not the real story. Gel only appears to be Human. She’s actually a mutant variant from a race of teleporting aliens who have hidden in plain sight for millennia. They don’t believe she can keep their secret. If she doesn’t convince them otherwise, they’ll resolve the problem by putting her to death!

Can she run her company, stay out of trouble, and not reveal her powers to outsiders? Not if the “corpse” has anything to say about it.



Ace of Saints

Ace of Saints


Angela Colson can’t pay the repair bill on her spaceship and has no choice but to accept a dubious proposition: bring back a miracle from the hands of the alien Prophet of Containers and all her debts will be paid.

Of course it’s not so simple. Her employer will telepathically know if she even attempts deception. The Prophet wants to recruit her to help get his message out to the masses. And an ancient intelligence wants her to alter that message to change the fate of a lost race.

Along the way she’ll get schooled by a professional liar, solve an epic problem of littering, and confront a religious mob accusing her of blasphemy and heresy!

Ace of Saints is the second book in the Freelance Courier series featuring Angela (Gel) Colson, a teenage girl who only looks human but is actually a mutant variant from a race of teleporting aliens. Her people want her to settle down, stay out of trouble, and not use her powers. She wants to make her own way in the galaxy and live a life of adventure. And trouble? That just has a way of following her wherever she goes.



Ace of Thralls

Ace of Thralls

Unbeknownst to the galaxy, an ancient race has enslaved an entire world for countless millennia. Now a single thrall has escaped and it’s up to a teenage girl to help him free his people.

But Angela “Gel” Colson only appears to be Human teen.

She’s actually a mutant Plenum, a race of teleporting aliens who hide in plain sight by mimicking the biology of other races.

Because she’s a mutant, the other Plenum don’t trust Gel. Once again she has to prove herself by doing the impossible, and all without revealing her powers.

Along the way she’ll have to acquire a moon, win over a reptilian alien who threatens the future of the enslaved people she’s trying to save, criss-cross the galaxy via ancient technology hidden in the soup-like atmospheres of numerous gas giants, and quite possibly upset the economic stability of a region of space. Fortunately, her plush buffalito, Barry, is there to land a hand.

Ace of Thralls is the third book in the Freelance Courier series of Angela (Gel) Colson, a young entrepreneur with a knack for getting embroiled in galactic-scale issues and far flung adventures.