Conroyverse 2.0

Buffalito Contingency

Buffalito Contingency

Conroy has left Earth far behind and taken his hypnosis act beyond Human Space. It should be show business as usual, except for the energy being the size of a hundred suns that wants to study him, a plot to smuggle liquid gravity, a troupe of alien sex wrestlers, a hypnotized ghost, and Reggie his buffalito stuck in a saurian toilet…

“If you like hilarity along with your mayhem, or perhaps some mayhem with your hilarity, then Buffalito Contingency was written with you in mind.”
– Walter Jon Williams, Nebula Award winner

“Fans of old-fashioned SF will love this fast-paced, chaotic, and good-natured adventure full of semi-farcical humor and pleasantly believable aliens.”
Publishers Weekly

Buffalito Contingency’s aliens were so alien I reveled in my humanity, and the humans were so human I resolved to revel in the moment. But the book was so entertaining that humanity and the moment took a walk while I finished a really good read.”
-Howard Tayler, Hugo Award winner

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