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Farwell, Kevin

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I’ve only just learned that Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. left us earlier this month. He was 61.

I first met Kevin through his fiction. If you haven’t read his McGill Feighan books, you’re in a for a great treat (assuming you can find them).

I read and was consistently delighted by Kevin’s work, book after book. Then, years later when I finally met him at a Nebula Awards Weekend I found myself suddenly going all fanboy and gushing my appreciation. Not surprising, Kevin was gracious and charming.

I’m a better writer for having read his work, and a better person for having had even those few brief instances of speaking with him.

Farewell, Josepha

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The internet is full of heart felt remembrances of Josepha Sherman, as word of her passing ripples through websites and social media.

I can hear her voice so clearly in my head, see the glint of wit and mischief in her eye. How can she be gone?

Anne McCaffrey

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It’s a bit after 7pm as I write this, home after my first day back at the Day Job, followed by some podcasting, and a surprisingly (for me) nutritious dinner of fish and broccoli. Now I’m settling in to do some writing tonight, and as I fire up the laptop and check my email I get word that Anne McCaffey has died.

I had the great pleasure to meet her a few years back, to chat with her a bit the weekend she received her Grand Master tribute. Like everyone else, I was introduced to Pern many years ago, my first taste of fantasy that ultimately turned out to be science fiction. It seems ironic to be typing that today, after spending the weekend discussing that very idea with several authors and fans.

Thank you, Anne McCaffrey. You shared so very much with the rest of us, and you leave behind a huge legacy. Condolences to your family members who I hope are comforted in their grief by knowing how very many lives you have touched.

Bristolcon 2011

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Today, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a convention going on. Bristolcon. I’m sure the people there are having themselves a fine time, lots of witty banter, brilliant panels, engrossing author readings, and scintillating conversations happening nonstop in the bar.

But something is missing. Colin Harvey is not there.

Colin died this summer, suddenly, unexpectedly. One day he was happy and healthy and the next he was gone.

I didn’t know Colin all that well, we’d met once during the long weekend of the Montréal Worldcon, and we’d corresponded afterward. We liked and amused one another, and we looked forward to the next time we’d meet in person. Back around the first of the year, he told me he was editing a new anthology and he asked me to write something for it, and I’d agreed.

I’m told that he loved Bristolcon, that it was his “home” convention. And this year he’s not there.

But his anthology is there. AEON Press is launching Transtories at the convention today. It looks to be an exciting anthology, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Colin.

Personal Thoughts on the 17th of March

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Some of you out there may be observing St. Patrick’s Day today.

For me though, it’s the anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandfather (the only grandfather I knew); I think he’d have been 115or so. He made it into his nineties.

It’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary. My father died in 2000 (same day as Edward Gorey, and you know, you never ever saw the two of them together… makes you wonder, don’t it?); he was 75, and he’s not keeping track any more. Its likely not as sad a day for my mother as it has been in past years; she remarried three years ago, to man both my parents knew and befriended back when they were all teens together.

And closer to home (if not biology), today marks 13 years since the passing of Ghang, my canine companion of 18 years. Last March was the first year I’d had another dog since then, and I spent some time tell Gej all about her. He was very attentive and that was a great comfort.

Tomorrow I’ll head off to Lunacon, and tonight will be a flurry of last minute packing and panic, but somewhere in there I will find a bit of calm to sit with my dog and reflect on those who have gone before.

This day was a lot easier when it was just St. Patrick’s Day, and when it didn’t remind me of loved ones who have passed.

Remembering Challenger

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Twenty-five years ago today the space shuttle Challenger exploded, claiming the lives of its seven member crew: Francis R. (Dick) Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Judith A. Resnik, Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S. Onizuka, Gregory B. Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe.

On the drive in to work this morning, I was listening to NPR. As they do every Friday, they played a recording from their Storycorps project. This particular recording was about astronaut Ron McNair, made by his brother Carl. I found it deeply inspiring and I suspect many of you will as well. I encourage you to take a moment out of your day to click the link and give it a listen.