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ReDeus: Divine Tales

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ReDeus: Divine Tales

On June 19th, Bob Greenberger sent me an email inviting me to join in an exciting new project that he had whipped up with Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile, and Paul Kupperberg. They were creating a shared universe called ReDeus. The premise was breathtaking: At the opening of the Olympic Games on July 27th, 2012, the gods of myth and legend – all of them, Zeus and Odin and Anu and Cernunnos and Abeguwo and and Yu-huang and Osiris and Ilmatar and Shiva and Kukulcan, seriously, all of them! – come back. Got that? Okay, now jump forward twenty years, and write a story in the world that has been transformed.

There was just one catch: they wanted to launch the book at Shore Leave, which meant the deadline for submissions was July 10th.

Okay, in my case, there was another catch: There was a minor snafu and I didn’t get the email.

Well, that’s not quite true. I did get it eventually, a week later. That made it a bit tougher, but the premise was so cool, and the people working on the project were folks I’d known for year but had never worked with, so even though I was in the midst of reading slush for the Cucurbital 3 anthology I put that on hold for a few days and wrote a story.

And I must have done all right because it’s been accepted and will be appearing in the anthology, coming your way on August 3rd.

I’ll have more to say about my story in a future post here, but for now, let’s all just gaze at this incredible cover by Anton Kokarev, shall we? Yes, let’s shall.

Shameless Plug: Transtories (now an ebook)

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Last October, I told you about Transtories the anthology from Aeon Press edited by the late Colin Harvey. Among many other fine works of fiction, it contains my story, “Yesterday’s Tastes,” which is another tale in the ongoing saga of the Amazing Conroy.

I’m posting about it again because I recently heard from Aeon’s own Bob Neilson with the news that the electronic version of the anthology is now available. This is particularly exciting because the trade paperback version appears to be somewhat tricky to get your hands on outside of Ireland (though you can order it directly from the Aeon Press website by clicking here. Or, if you prefer your Trans-fiction to be composed of photons, you can follow this link to pick it up at Amazon.

I’m told there’s an ePub version available, but I haven’t heard yet where you can go to acquire a copy. If/when I find out, I’ll post a follow-up and let you know (and if I remember, I’ll include the link in a reply to this post as well).

Book Review: God’s War

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God's War

I started reading Kameron Hurley’s God’s War out of a sense of obligation to read the titles on this year’s Nebula Award ballot, even though I’m hard pressed to even imagine a better offering than China Mieville’s Embassytown.

And I’m glad I did. Hurley’s novel is a great ride of compelling characters, entertaining worldbuilding, intriguing sociology, and pace-pounding plot threads. Religious elements familiar but different, believable extrapolations/evolutions of today drive much of the book, but the book is not about religion. Nor is it about war, though war pervades every page, every character, every motivation, every outcome. Ultimately, this book is about what every book is about, people. What makes people tick. What drives us to acts of sacrifice and honor, cowardice and despair, love and fear, vengeance and transformation.

And if that’s too heady for you, no need to worry, there’s plenty else in here to keep you delighted, whether it be the all-to-casual beheadings as a way of bounty-hunting, or magicians who have the power to manipulate bugs for defense and healing and long distance communications, or boxing like you’ve never seen it before.

Buy this book. Read this book. Give your copy away to someone else, and go out and buy another.

Buffalito Contingency Release Day Coming Soon!

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Despite what it says over at Amazon.com, the “official” release date of my second novel, isn’t until Monday, June 27th.

Buffalito Contingency

BUFFALITO CONTINGENCY cover – first look!

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I received an email from my publisher last night, and got my first look at the preliminary cover art for my forthcoming novel Bufalito Contingency. The brilliant Rachael Mayo has done it again. But don’t take my word for it,take a peak yourself:


Titling and such will likely be coming in a few days. I promise to post again when I have it.

And Rachael, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

The past week

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Last Saturday’s visit to DC delighted! The performance of Richard III had a techno-urban twist to it (machine-pistols will do that, I suppose) which oddly worked quite well. Afterwards, back at the hotel, Marc Okrand came by for drinks and then we were off to a Tapas restaurant that was running a special menu with a couple dozen different small plates and the option of paying a flat price and having as many of as many of them as you wanted. We all indulged. It was very Yum.

On the way back, the weather had warmed up from the 20’s and a light freezing rain pelted us. I don’t mind the freezing temps, but the dampness got into me and gifted me with a cold. The drive back on Sunday was unremarkable, but I was getting cloggy by the time we arrived and went straight to bed, which is pretty much where I stayed until Wednesday night, thereby missing several days of work.

Meanwhile, first readers were devouring the MS of Buffalito Contingency, finding little bits here and there for me to address (which I began doing on Wednesday and will finish up with this weekend).

Thursday I did an interview with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal regarding the Klingon production of A Christmas Carol. The reporter was going to go to the show yesterday (Friday), and I believe he met up with Marc Okrand there — Marc had mentioned at dinner last Saturday that he was going to be in Chicago on his to California and stopping in for the play — and we’re both mentioned in his article.

Friday I sent in some Klingon bits for an author doing a story for a forthcoming work from Pocket Books. That was fine and always nice to be able to do for a fellow writer. It was also the first day all week I got any exercise, going off to Pilates in the afternoon; the instructor thoroughly kicked my ass. Um, yay?

Today was house-cleaning day (as in, the house cleaner is coming, but we have to put everything away first, so she can clean), followed by errands to the post office and the bank, followed by a visit to my favorite Chinese Buffett where I finished reading Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother — which I highly recommend, by the way, and should do a separate post for. I’m still a little sub-par health-wise, and of course as I started feeling better Valerie took over the ailment and is now in congestion blah-land.

I anticipate sending the final MS off to my publisher as a Xmas gift, and then getting back to some seriously overdue projects for Paper Golem during the last week of the year. Also, I hope to lay in the first two weeks of a daily Klingon podcast I intend to start up in the new year.

And now you’re all caught up to date.

Thanksgiving Means Sweet Potato Pie

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Here in the colonies, the annual feast of Thanksgiving is almost upon us. For some, this holiday means eating turkey, but for me it’s all about the pie.

Which makes it the perfect time to celebrate by visiting my publisher, Eric Reynolds of Hadley Rille Books, and ordering a copy of my collection, Sweet Potato Pie (and other surrealities).

Available in both hard cover and trade paperback editions, the book is discounted, and includes free shipping! And you’ll be contributing to Eric’s push to sell 5,000 books during the last three months of 2010 to mark the company’s fifth anniversary. Need more incentive? You could win a Kindle!

Mmmm… can’t you just taste the pie already?
Sweet Potato Pie and Other Surrealities

Hadley Rille Books 5 Year Celebration

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Hadley Rille Books is celebrating five years in the business. They’ve added the ability to order directly from their website and they’re offering reduced prices and free shipping. Also, every book ordered puts you in the running for a free Kindle!

HRB 5K RunnerIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of HRB and its publisher Eric Reynolds. I’ve had stories in five of their anthologies, and been a judge for a sixth. HRB published my first novel, will be publishing the sequel, and this year released a collection of my short fantasy work.

I’ve worked with Eric not just as my publisher and editor, but also as a fellow small press publisher. At a time when the industry seems to be going crazier than usual, when other small presses are collapsing and failing, it is a great pleasure to see Eric’s efforts succeed and his business continue to prosper.