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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

Today’s suffix is one of the few taboos in the Klingon language. It’s the Type 2 verb suffix –vIp, which indicates that the subject of the verb is afraid to perform the action or experience the state of the verb. The taboo comes in when using this suffix on a verb with a first person subject (I or we) because no Klingon should ever admit to fear. On the other hand, it’s a great way to insult someone else! V, Capital I, P; –vIp

you are afraid to kill me

reH nuSuvvIp
they are always afraid to fight us

qanvIpchoH HoD
the captain is afraid to grow old

HIq tlhutlhvIpmo’ nov chechchoHlaHbe’
because the alien is afraid to drink ale, she cannot become drunk

I would never tell you not to be afraid of language, even though the worlds it opens certainly can be very frightening. But so what? You are a language warrior. You knew the job was dangerous when you signed up. qo’mey poSmoH Hol.


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