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Welcome to DaHjaj Hol, your daily bit of Klingon language. Once again it’s Verb Day!

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Suv is a verb meaning fight


5 comments “DaHjaj Hol 110110 #tlhIngan #tlh”

This might be a silly question, but I’ll ask anyway:

In a previous episode you said Klingon word order was OVS.

So I’m wondering if jabwI’jIHagh would be the correct way of saying “I laugh at the waiter”? [Isn’t the waiter the object of that sentence?]

Whoops, I meant jabwI’ jIHagh. [with a space]

Hey, M. I’ve taken the liberty of correcting a vowel for you, on the assumption you meant jIHagh (because *jeHagh doesn’t make any sense)

Your propose sentence doesn’t work, for several reasons.

First, the prefix jI- doesn’t take an object. As such, you won’t find it adorning any verb in a OVS sentence. That’s number one.

Second, Hagh means laugh, not laugh at, so even if you used the correct prefix (which I haven’t talked about yet), it still wouldn’t make sense to craft the sentence this way.

In Klingon you could say something like because of the waiter, I laugh which would be jabwI’mo’ jIHagh (and again, that’s using a suffix I haven’t talked about yet).

Or, depending on why you’re laughing at the waiter, you might pick a different word to describe what you’re doing, maybe something like I mock the waiter jabwI’ vIvaq (more prefixes and verbs you haven’t seen yet).

All of which brings up a very good rule to follow that I haven’t introduced yet: don’t try to translate things word for word, but focus instead on the underlying ideas. And when in doubt, recast the entire sentence.

Thanks for the explanation. I knew it probably wasn’t correct 😛

Hang in there. Eventually I will get around to talking about how we’ve more or less agreed to handle indirect objects in Klingon.

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