Where’s Lawrence? (2011 Summer & Fall Convention edition)

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This seems like as good a time as any to lock in for public viewing what my convention-going schedule is for the rest of the calendar year.

My next convention is Westercon, held this year in San Jose, CA. It’s been a while since I’ve been to this convention, a long while. This iteration is number sixty-four, and my last Westercon was number thirty-one. And yet, there will be people there who remember me from my last visit.

Soon after returning from San Jose, I’ll be dropping down to Baltimore for a few hours, to dip into Shore Leave. If you’re looking for me there, you need to limit your search time to Friday afternoon and evening. I’ll be driving back home shortly after they kick us out of the bar.

In mid-August I’ll fly out west again, and host the eighteenth annual Klingon Language conference. This year it’s moving in time and space, from late July in Philadelphia to the days leading up to the Worldcon in Reno, NV. The last day of the even is something we’ve never done before, opening the activities up to complete beginners. If you’ve always wanted to learn a little Klingon and you’re coming to the Worldcon, show up a day early!

As soon as the KLI conference ends, the Worldcon (aka Renovation) begins. Lucky for me, I’ll already be in the right spot. Every year this is my favorite convention, if for no other reason than because I’ll have a chance to meet up with friends and colleagues that I may not get to see any other time throughout the year. It’s also a great excuse for some serious fine-dining.

After more than a month to recover from the hot weather and all that cross-country travel, October will see me driving down to Washington, D.C. for my favorite smallish convention, Capclave. The people who put this convention together know how to do things right. I can’t say enough good things about it, and if you’ve never been, trust me, you should attend!

The final convention for the year is also a new addition to my itinerary, and will see me crossing the border to the north. SF Contario will be in its second year of operation, but it’s concom has more than one hundred years of experience. It doesn’t hurt that the GoH is one of my favorite authors, Karl Schroeder (and Karl, if you’re reading this, be warned that I’m going to be looking for the final volume of your Virga series when I see you).

That’s it, that’s my convention schedule for the rest of the year. There will likely be some other appearances here and there, readings and signings for Buffalito Contingency, but those are still in flux at the moment and I’ll post word of them as they firm up.

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