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Eric T. Reynolds is the publisher behind Hadley Rille Books. Over the last few years Eric has purchased several stories from me for inclusion in his excellent anthologies. In August 2008, at the 66th World Science Fiction Convention (in Denver), we met face to face for the first time. Up to that moment, all of his books had been anthologies. By convention’s end we’d shaken hands on a deal for his first science fiction novel. Nine months later HRB published Buffalito Destiny. It was my first book too.

In August of 2009, at the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, in Montréal, Canada, we met again. Eric chose not to buy another book from me. No, he did not. Instead, we shook hands on an agreement for TWO BOOKS!

One book will be a collection of short stories.

The second book will feature the adventures of the Amazing Conroy (and Reggie), and pick up shortly after where Buffalito Destinyleft off.

My, my, but it’s going to be a busy year.


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