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I’m still going through edits, and I came across something that sparked a bit of cat waxing. Thus:

I have personal affection and high regard for the writing team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Also, SRM Publisher very generously lent support and encouragement in the form of publishing my chapbooks when the Amazing Conroy was just starting out. And too, I’m a huge fan of the Liaden Universe books.

That’s why there’s a bottle of “blusharie” in a dream scene in my first novel, Buffalito Destiny.

It’s also why I’m telling you that there’s a reference to “advertency” in my new novel, Buffalito Contingency. Of course, if you haven’t read Lee & Miller’s Fledgling then this doesn’t make much sense. Nevermind.

Excuse me now, I need to get back to the edits before my publisher reads my blog and realizes I’ve been slacking off.

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