Preparing for June – Facial Hair Edition

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I’ve been doing a lot of traveling in the last couple of weeks, but now I’m home for a while and I have oceans of stuff that I want to get done, including several writing projects. Which is why I’m starting the month of June a bit early. Actually, I began it on Tuesday. While the rest of you were observing May 28th, I was marking June -3. Call it an enhancement to the month. I’m thinking I’ll be extra productive, what with having a few more days in the month.

But then tonight I realized that wasn’t going to be enough. I needed something more… or rather, something less. If I was going to have a truly productive and effective (enhanced) month of June, I had to cut way back on the facial hair. Which I have now done. And so, for your viewing pleasure, below are the Before and After photos, as managed by my cell phone earlier tonight.


And let me just add: Watch out, June, I’ve got plans!


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They both look brilliant. That full beard, though… it’s epic. 

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