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Lunacon is racing our way, now less than three weeks away.

One of the things that will be in the program book is a reprint of my story “Pidgin,” a short tale of an alien who wanders into a store in sunny Los Angeles hoping to buy some fruit. Except… it’s a hardware store.

I first read “Pidgin” aloud at a Lunacon some years back, and I’m very happy to see it return to the convention.

Artist GoH Rachael Mayo has done up a brand new drawing for it, which will also be included in the program book.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Illustration from "Pidgin" - Art by Rachael Mayo. Story by Lawrence M. Schoen


2 comments “More Lunacon Stuff”

I’d love to hear it, and the pic is enticing. Unfortunately I won’t be at Lunacon. … Mmm, “sneak peek”.

That’s a shame, It’s a very fun convention (even when I’m not GoH).

I was hoping you could come and explain to eager Conroy followers how to set up comprehensive fan sites like you’ve done for Brust. 🙂

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