Last Day of Renovation

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Last night’s Hugo Awards ceremony was grand and glorious (and more than a little too long). Afterwards, Valerie and I went to that supreme soiree the Hugo Losers’ party, and I pretended it was 2010 and that I was in Melbourne. George R. R. Martin helped out in this by providing me a Hugo Loser ribbon, complete with a hot stamp of a marsupial of some kind hugging a Hugo. I spent the next several hours chatting with winners, losers, and other riff raff like me that had found their way to the party. I never did make it over to the Atlantis, or any where else, for any of the other festivities, but I did make it to bed by 1:30a.m.

This morning I’m awake and packed and about to head out the door. Here’s my schedule:

9:00 – Strolling with the Stars (I was strolled on the first day, and I’m strolling on the last day)

12:00 – Kaffee Klatsch (aka Diet Coke Extravaganza, even if I have to bring my own soda. It’s entirely possible that this could be just me sitting by myself, but I’m okay with that as it will be good for my ego)

2:00 – Stranger in a Strange Land after 50 Years (one last panel, seems appropriate to go out on Heinlein)

After that, I’m told a waiting car will whisk me away from the convention site and around the lake to a resort on the California where I shall sleep and read and recoup.

Thank you to everyone who made this such an enjoyable and productive convention!

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