Introducing the Conroyverse Index: Not a wiki

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Right. First things first. It’s not a wiki.

I gave it serious consideration, but a wiki is unnecessarily complicated for what I need, which upon further review (and after some helpful suggestions from both my webmaster and total strangers on Google+) turned out to be a fairly small number of pages.

It’s conceivable, probably even likely, that at some point I’ll outgrow the current version of things, and so this index might indeed one day need to become a wiki after all, but that time is not today.

Browse your way over to: http://www.lawrencemschoen.com/conroyverse/, and you’ll find links to the assorted pages of things to be discovered within the Conroyverse Index, including the Additions page where you and other readers of the adventures of Conroy and Reggie can go and add your own stubs or entries. A moderator will go through these “comments,” edit them as needed, and add the results to the appropriate page.

So if you consider yourself a Buffalito Wrangler — or you’ve always wanted to be — this is your chance to help build the online databank of all things Conroy!


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