GoH gig in NY!

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As revealed at Lunacon 2010, I have been tapped to be the Author Guest of Honor at the 2011 Lunacon in Rye Brook, NY. While I’ve had the honor of being a GoH at conventions numerous times in the past, it has always been for my efforts with the Klingon language and not because of my work as a writer. I am, as my British friends would say, extremely chuffed!

Another piece of this news that makes it all the more special is that Lunacon’s Artist GoH or 2011 will be the very talented Rachael Mayo, who has provided the covers for all three Amazing Conroy chapbooks, as well as that gorgeous wrap-around cover from my novel Buffalito Destiny. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the convention committee doesn’t entice Rachael to do some promotional art for the convention, and that it will include a buffalo dog or two (possibly one sitting on — or eating part of — a crescent moon).

Yes, it’s going to be all-buffalito all-the-time at that convention (well, okay, expect Rachael to slip in a dragon here or there too).


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