Farewell, Fred Pohl

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Word has come that Frederik Pohl died earlier today, at the age of 93.

Years ago, when I was attending James Gunn’s writers’ workshop, I had the great pleasure to have dinner at the University of Kansas’s Faculty Club. Present were James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Chris McKitterick, Betty Hull, and Fred Pohl. The conversation was witty and bright, the food quite good (it was the first and thus far only time I’d ever tasted “pheasant under glass”).

I’d met him once or twice before that, back when I lived in Chicago, right after I’d started the Klingon Language Institute, most notably at one of the first conventions where I spoke about Klingon.

His contributions to the field of Science Ficiton, as author and editor, cannot be overstated. But I’ll always remember him as the fellow sitting down the table from me when I was eating my pheasant.


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