Buffalito Summer Freebies!

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Over at Adventures in SciFi Publishing they’re having a contest. The prize is a free download of the audio book version of Buffalito Destiny, which was recorded by William Coon of Eloquent Voice.

The contest is running primarily through Twitter. To enter, simply Tweet to your followers that @AISFPpodcast is the “place to be this summer for free books.” Or something to that effect. If you don’t use Twitter, you can email 10 friends (include adventuresinscifipublishing@gmail.com in the CC) and encourage them to visit the AiSFP website for a chance to win books this summer.

Yes, it’s all a shameless ploy to get you to do their advertising for them, but for ten seconds of effort you’re entered to win hours and hours of audiobook goodness!

All entries must be received by June 22nd at midnight.


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