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Gej can be rather hard on toys.

When it comes to fabric toys, he’s a gutter. That means he likes to pin the toy down with his forepaws, and then use his teeth to rip open the seams of a toy and pull out all its stuffing. Once this is accomplished, the stuffing becomes the new toy and has to be distributed around the house as widely as possible.

We’ve tried getting him various “carcass” toys as a solution. These look like the plushie skins of small animals and/or woodland creatures and have no stuffing. Still, they have seams, and Gej has been known to tear them apart with doggie zeal.

He’s less fond of rubbery toys, though he does like sinking his teeth into one or two that we’ve found. But generally, he just doesn’t seem to find them as satisfying for as long.

The compromise was to take one of the rubbery toys (a blue cylinder with various holes along its length) and work a gutted plush carcass (in this case a once-cute monkey) through the holes and tie it knots. The knots are to keep him (or at least slow him down) from pulling the carcass free of the rubbery toy.

This new, blended toy has the advantages of extra weight (useful for getting a good trajectory when throwing a carcass across the room) and depending on which part of it strikes the floor can bounce in odd ways.

This gives Gej the best of both worlds, and as you can see he is one happy pup.

Happy Thursday!

Favorite Toy 1

Favorite Toy 2


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